Mom in total freakout mode pulling her hair and screaming

Found lice or nits in your child’s hair?

It’s okay, we can get through this together!

Let’s get rid of those lice!

Vamousse goes to work on lice and eggs fast—causing gut rupture and dehydration! Pretty neat, huh?

Little girl with pigtails smiling and cradling Vamousse lice treatment and defense products

Don't freak out! Vamousse has you covered.

As a mom, you’re not easily freaked out. But, lice happens! 

Watch how Vamousse can get you back in control.

Vamousse Lice Treatment including comb

Lice Treatment

Clinically proven to kill lice and eggs, including pesticide-resistant super lice, in one treatment.

Get back in control with Vamousse.

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