Annoyed mom holding a lice notification letter from her child's school

We understand.

That lice letter can freak you out!

If your child has been exposed to lice at school, camp, or a sleepover, your child could already have lice.

But, it can take 4–6 weeks for the itchiness to show up. The best thing to do is catch those lice before they become a big, itchy problem!

What if my friend has lice?

Little girl with shocked look and hands out in front of her palms out

Don't freak out! Vamousse is your Lice Freakout Prevention.

As a mom, you’re not easily freaked out. But, lice happens!

Watch how Vamousse can get you back in control.

Vamousse lice defense shampoo bottle

Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

A proactive daily step against head lice. It’s as easy as washing your hair!

Get back in control with Vamousse.

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